Gurupurnima began in the big hall with a beautiful welcoming song by the entire staff of 30. There followed four days of programme, satsang, dance performances, bhajans, friendships renewed and of course the AMAZING food, much of which came from Schweibenalp’s own biological permaculture garden. The sun beamed down, which meant that every day we were able to eat outside in nature. In all 250 to 350 people attended Gurupurnima and Sundar Baba welcomed us on the first evening. We were also grateful for the presence of Sanjeev Sarna, the General Secretary of the Indian Samaj from Delhi, who gave us a kind message from Alok and the Indian Samaj. There was a wonderful gathering of new and old friends. There were many younger people present some of whom had attended the Next Generation Gathering during the previous five days at Schweibenalp.

Malti (Gabriele Wosien) took us through an experience of the sacred mantras, while her student Natalia from the Ukraine performed a spell-bounding dance in which she embodied, through hand mudras and body movements, the sacred mantras of the Gayatri, the Triambakum and the Shanti Mantra. Onlookers were transported into another world, and afterwards we all had a chance to try to imitate her in the huge Schweibenalp meeting hall!


In addition to Uma, our Indian dancer from Berlin, we were gifted with a female dervish dancer Paramjyoti who seemed to mesmerise the aarti crowd in what seemed a never ending cosmic dance, a whirling without end.

And to add further to our joy, Hargovind’s bhajans moved our hearts and got everyone nostalgic, especially the solo Pahari songs and other oldies.



Aarati by Har Govind – Gurupurnima 2018


Hargovind also read the mantras with Maartin Baba at the sacred fire ceremonies. On Gurupurnima there was a lunar red moon eclipse from about 9pm to 11pm. Our beloved Shastri Maartin Baba advised that, according to Indian tradition, it was not advisable to look at the lunar eclipse.  So we all stayed inside the hall singing gentle bhajans and in one 20 minute stretch we sat in silent meditation with all the lights out

Hearty thanks for the impeccable care by Sundar Baba, Schweibenalp management and the volunteers.




I Satsang at Gurupurnima in Schweibenalp

Please read the reflections that were shared during a Gurupurnimah satsang meeting:


What is the seed that brings you here?

  • The primordial Shiva power of Babaji brings me here, opens me to myself and to endless love for others, plus the joy of service.
  • To be in a protection field, an unexplainable call, to find a home in a difficult world.
  • A universal home for Babaji where we find love and joy with each other. We all connect more deeply to ourselves and to Babaji
    while being in communion.
  • We were being invited to make up the rich mandala that makes up the Babaji family.
  • To get closer to the divine being that loves all beings.
  • For the inner emptiness and purification.
  • Because our hearts get opened when we are with our brothers and sisters.
  • Because of Babaji – the search for understanding of ourselves.
  • To embrace each other’s difference.
  • We mix all the different cultures within our Indian practice.
  • The joy of meeting old friends and the sadness of everyone looking so much older!
  • The joy of seeing so many coming together for the same reason. To feel strength and the hope.
  • In a family/community it is easier to follow the spiritual way and to open the heart (singing).
  • To make peace with suffering.


What does Babaji transform in us? What was the ‘self’ before and after meeting him?

  • An inner calling from the heart about transformation of the self and the collective.
  • To see what skills I have and to match them with what the world needs
  • That once desire is fulfilled, it will go
  • To have realised the importance of patience, patience, patience
  • I come for the happiness brought about through singing with the murtis
  • Babaji comes in dreams and through mantras showing me the power of mantras and prayers for protection.
  • That He loves me unconditionally. He wants me. He is no longer a person but Divine consciousness to improve our lives.
  • To do the impossible. Babaji says ‘it is possible’.
  • Babaji is a burning fire of light in my heart.
  • Babaji can speak to us through his pictures.
  • Babaji changed me and made of my life – a wonder in happiness and sadhana.
  • “Whenever I come in a dream – it is me.” Babaji said.
  • “in Haidakhan we don’t wait for miracles, but create them”, he said.
  • Babaji appears in people’s lives unexpectedly, even to those who don’t seek him.
  • “Follow the voice of your heart”, he said.
  • He, Baba, always showed the positive and the negative part of a thing. Manifestation is dual. The truth behind it is One.
  • Baba came to me through Gaura Devi’s ‘Fire of Transformation’. That night Baba gave me the mantra in a dream. It became the beginning of a very powerful transformational journey. He kept guiding me through many dreams.
  • When I look at his picture, I become peaceful and feel safe. The stories about him are important.
  • I am in All and All is in me. This realisation melts the heart in beauty.
  • He confirmed my choice of career and helped me to become independent.
  • The simplicity of love and the connectedness with each other and the realisation of how difficult it is to be in a state of love.
  • Every day I fail in love.
  • I don’t have to work for love. He loves me as I am.
  • Take responsibility – you have all the power within.


Then Sundar gave the last word to Nila Caddy who said:

‘Sei Seelig, Be Happy, because the New World is already ready and prepared on the etheric – in pre-manifestation. The more you go into the vast expanse of your heart – the more will you help the manifestation of this new world to come through. Babaji did not dissolve into light but became part of the earth. Our love will come from the Earth.”


For more on this positive note, read Nila Caddy’s two brand new books called Der Geburt der neuen Welt entgegen (Towards the birth of the new world). They comprise visions and messages she says she has received at Mount Kailash in Tibet, now finally written down to be shared with the world. As soon as the English translation is ready, we will write a full review. 


“Whatever decision you make, whatever goal you set,

go after it with great faith and firm determination,

focussed on it entirely.

Just by saving one’s head of putting on orange garb,

one does not become ‘detached’.”


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