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Chaitra Navaratras 2018 began and seamlessly moved forward through the unending grace of Shri 1008 Haidakhan Baba and the loving spirit of the entire Samaj.











Before every Navaratras, the illusion of our own maya wants to ensure that everything should progress smoothly. And then, from somewhere these lines resonate in the mind : ” Tere sir per guru maharaje, maharaje, man ab tohe chinta kahe ki” (You are living under grace of your Guru, so O mind, why do you unnecessarily worry?)

The thought of being there for morning Chandan, makes the hours between night and dawn, rushed by. It is not easy, but very beautifully divine- and worth the experience.

The morning Chandan in the temple, the divine names in various hues, one’s own japa, the Karmayogi singers and the all-ladies gang of garland makers – everything invokes awe and inspires. It is at these moments, that one witnesses the inspirer, the doer and the observer – all in one conscious bubble.

This year again there was an overflow of devotees, in spite of the new building with its 2 large dormitories, one large yoga hall and 8 new rooms, the accommodation from the 5th to the 9th day, was just about adequate. Baba invited all who came, and he provided for them too.

The navaratras witnessed two book launches: “Corporate Yogi, my journey as a spiritual seeker and an accidental entrepreneur”, authored by Dr. Arvind Lal and “Rise, celebrating the divine within”, written and creatively composed by Srishti Knoll, daughter of Kirti & Prem Chand.

Almost 800 devotees participated in the divine nine-day yagya – almost 300 from overseas.

The celebrations were as electric as always. Divine grace was all-pervading. Nothing held us back from bliss, except for the noise of our own minds.




Chaitra navatras 2018


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