by Aditya Kapoor




Babaji used to often say that the highest form of worship was Satsang, since it involved the communication of Truth to other people. Even Gods stopped to listen.

The first time I went to Haidakhan upon the invite of Babaji, was in 1976, winter. In a few days of my reaching there, He took me to Sati Kund and told me the entire story of my life. He initiated me into spiritual practices, which would unfold as I matured, (most are still unfolding!). I was of course stunned. I was just 19 years and he predicted my marriage and so many other personal things. All have come true. I was married in the Ashram in Haidakhan, eight years later.   At the time, he had pointed to the hill where the Cave/Gufa was and said I will get married here. It was later that the Gufa side was developed and the nine- temples were built there. This was a shocking introduction to Babaji. It unnerved me and I was ready to run away. On the same day, after Sati Kund, he took me to the Gautami Ganga and asked me to drink the water along with him. He crouched and drank like an animal, from his mouth. I went a bit downstream and followed in the same style. Very scary. Then he made me sit in front of him and he looked deeply at me. So I thought, let me ask him a few questions and I did. I asked Babaji, when he will come back. He said, in 50 years. So, I calculated from 1969, which was when he appeared for the second time. When I thought this, at this very point, he looked away, as if the discussion was over. This is amazing, because here He was alive and how could I ask him about His coming back, when he was still alive and in front of me! And I had ask him such a profound question, a young unschooled boy, not yet a follower. If I spoke like this to my father, he would have probably slapped me.

On the same trip with Babaji in Haidakhan, after the evening bath, he often used to call me into his Kutir and give me prasad. At one such meeting he asked me to look outside his window and said the Dalai Lama has come and if I wanted to meet him. I thought he was joking, because the window overlooked the river from the hilltop and there was no one there, unless he was flying or levitating. I got scared and said I didn’t want to meet him and went away as soon as I received the prasad. Then on my next trip, once when I was shirking away from Karmayoga and in the chai-shop, he came and caught me by the neck and took me to the temple area and scolded me. He told me to do Karmayoga. Then immediately, he asked me if I can see the helicopter above. “It’s the Dalai Lama”. Do I want to meet him? This was my second trip; I was wiser, so I let it pass and I said I will do Karmayoga and ran away.

Later on the same trip, as I started believing in Babaji, I once saw him start to come up the stairs after the evening bath. I was at the top of the stairs, so I decided to wait for him and sat down looking at him walking up. He walked so slowly, testing my patience surely. I waited. When he came very near, I got up in respect and he asked me what I was doing there. I said I was waiting for him. That was the truth. He looked lovingly into my eyes and said, “At least there is somebody waiting for me”.

Time flowed on and His predictions stood the test of time and all have come true, with some yet unfolding. Fifty years from 1969 is 2019.   As the time approached, things started to fall in place and I decided to join the dots. So a few years ago in 2013, when I became a biker, I decided to take my wife, Priti on a bike ride to Dharamsala to meet H.H. The Dalai Lama. I got an appointment and we met him. My wife knew why we were meeting him: we had a mission. H.H. The Dalai Lama blessed us and hugged us and gave us a short talk on Indian philosophy. Not knowing how to ask him, I fell at his feet, caught his ankle and said that until he tells me where my Guru is, I won’t leave his feet. He was shocked. I started crying like a child. I was 57 years old. I knew this was a make-or-break moment. There were security guards around. My wife started crying. We folded our hands, pleading for an answer. He picked me up and calmed me down. He asked me what the matter was. I briefly explained it all to him. He called his secretary and asked me to sit with him and give him the details. His Holiness said he will let me know in five days. After completing this meeting, we went to the secretary’s room and told him the story of Babaji. The secretary was also amazed and said he will get back via email. Five days later I received the email and it said that my Guru is born as a boy in the same place He left His body and is a ten-year-old. I await His Ministry.

Aditya Kapoor, Goa


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