During Chaitra Navaratri        


I Meena Chandra (from India)

Q: Who are you and what is happening in your life ?     How do you experience Babaji these days ?

A: I feel I am nobody – in front of Babaji. We don’t fit into society today. Peace and solace is most important. Non-doing is the thing. What Babaji is teaching me is to have more patience, to understand people, see their point of view and to let go a lot of my own way of thinking, and to stop being a perfectionist. Things that irritate you give no space nor meaning to it. Don’t get upset or angry if things are not done by others. Now let go, it doesn’t matter. I try to be more human with everybody. Doing puja only matters if I am more human with them. To be patient, to let go. Try to be loving to everybody. Truth is there, but let others deal with their problems. Now that our children have their own families – we try to clear off the cobwebs now. It’s a very slow process, but that’s the feeling I get when Babaji talks to one. He tries to get you to be in his shoes. How would you feel in their shoes? See things from others point of view.

No visions of Babaji anymore. It’s about directly talking to him. Let him know what is going on. I have more time now so I can be more focused with him. He’s all the time there telling you what to do. That voice comes to you saying let go! I’m not doing so much japa now but more mental puja rather than physical. Love others. There is no story now. One has to let go and not be so attached. Detach yourself daily, a little more and more. Babaji says to me about others: “Why are you bothered. It is for me to look after.”


I Annapurna (from Russia)

We are divine beings experiencing human life here, but I constantly forget this. The last three years have been very difficult for me; especially the last year has been the most difficult one of my entire life. Now I feel up-side down.   During this time I have been learning all the time something different: discipline, love, acceptance of others and seeing the divine in others and focusing on it rather than their wrong actions. Last year: who am I? Previously it was more my ego and acting out of ego. But last year, I tried not to act out of habits/ego but to give proper reaction to what is going on. Not too strong and not too powerless. Awareness and consciousness, plus my daily spiritual practice is puja, japa and teachings of Babaji.

I experience Babaji inside and outside. I feel how he takes care of me through other people and helps me a lot. There have been so many examples of this. Most of my friends in my daily life are Babaji devotees. I live in Moscow where there are 40-50 devotees.

Q: Babaji’s message to the world was to learn to love each other. Do you have something to say about this?  

A: To love each other, yes, and to open your divine nature, to follow your divine nature, and to find your own truth.   To create what we want to change in the world. But for me it is more important to be connected to the divine inside of us. When I am connected, there are no problems and no doubts.


I Ruth (from Portugal)

I have been asking for enlightenment since 25 and I’m now 34. I have recently become a mother and recently got married, so this is now my biggest challenge: how to continue my spiritual practice, and not to lose myself in my child and my husband, and in daily routines. At home we have 5 mini altars – one bigger. Babaji is the first, and I do a little puja to him in the office where I work.

I first came to Herakhan 2 years ago. Hatmara Merkava, a mystic, told me about Babaji – she had the green book with pictures of Babaji. Oh what a beautiful guy, I thought. I travelled with her for 6 months to Slovenia and went to the ashram and house full of B’s teachings. I met Miriam and Mayaram and he gave me Om Namaha Shivaya mantra – it was very strong. I said this mantra all the time. It helps when Pedro and I fight. But then we decided to live together. We found a house and found I was pregnant, all in the same week. Then Hatmara Merkava took us to the Netherlands for Pedro’s work. I had everything. It was a miracle. We were short of money and Pedro asked me: “Are you expecting a miracle?” – I said yes. I can feel Babaji daily with gratefulness in my heart. I got to the office, see his picture and I know immediately what to do. I got much closer after the birth of Maria. I felt this presence helping me all the time. I could ask the most mundane questions. Now sometimes I see Babaji because I learnt to channel. I see him sometimes in other people sometimes even in trees. What I most feel from him is his hands. When I had Maria I was alone with the baby and I would feel his hand would stroke my face – I didn’t go crazy because of Him.


I Ram Narayan Sharmaji (from India)

With the grace of Babaji, my life is running in a very smooth and in a spirited way and whatever is happening day to day is governed by Babaji.

Q: How are you translating your experience with Babaji into your daily life?

To answer this question, I have to pray to Babaji, because he said many things to me, which he said I should not discuss with anybody. Babaji is an incarnation of Shiva in physical form, which I have seen in Herakhan and even in Chilianoula. He gave me a few special ways to follow in my life, and these I am doing; it is a very deep Sadhana. Power comes from the Almighty, for the betterment of the whole universe. During this Navaratri, over this last week I have been seeing Babaji at every moment, everywhere. And I do pray to him that that realization which he has given me, may please be given to others who deserve it. 

Few people are following Babaji’s teachings practically. Instead, some are just showing off; they appear close to Babaji, but actually, they are nil. It’s all about Love. Babaji is love, truth, simplicity and brotherhood, which is a rare thing to see in people. People who concentrate on their worldly status are in big danger – very dangerous on the path of Babaji. Whenever you visit a Babaji place, anywhere in the universe, you should forego your ego and go in front of him with a clean heart. This is a very important requirement. These words were told by Babaji to me to give the message to others, to achieve the goal of your life.

In the Kali Yuga, japa yoga is very important and with that everyone can reach the goal of life. Babaji says one should wake up in Brahm Mort (3am). You solve 75% of your problems with this practice. Leave your bed by 3am. Meditate for who or whatever, whichever your consciousness allows. Christ and Shiva are all one.


Three people from Iran: Nooshin, Iman and Marjan.


I Nooshin

Everything started from a dream five years ago. I had been very sad for six months as I had broken up with my boyfriend. I sat everyday at the same time and prayed to God, from no particular religion. I had a dream of a very beautiful and handsome young man staring at me in a way that made me a little terrified. He was wearing a long, white dress. He put golden shoes on my feet. Then I was wearing a similar long white dress and I was trying to walk, but it was hard. He escorted me over a wooden bridge. When we got over, he started throwing diamonds in front of me. I and two or three Indian women in saris were collecting the diamonds. Then I woke up with a very calm feeling never experienced before, all my sadness was gone. I knew the man in the dream was Indian. I then had two or three other dreams of being in India. I was very surprised by these dreams. Two months later, I was talking to a friend who knew about a yoga master. She gave me the mantra: Om Namah Shivaya. I repeated it constantly for a week, and then I was given another mantra Om Kriya Babaji Namaha Om. She told me about Babaji and the Indian master, and I told her of my dreams of the young Indian man. She sent me Babaji’s pictures and I burst into tears – it was the same person in my dream ! After that my whole life changed. I searched the Internet about Babaji and read Autobiography of a Yogi. I found a spiritual master in Iran who taught yoga and I was his follower for three years. The three of us here today met in that yoga class. From my research I found I could come to Herakhan, and I came here and Chilianoula three years ago. So from that dream all my life changed. The yoga master really helped me grow in every aspect. When I returned from India, I met my husband Iman.


I Iman

I was depressed and an alcoholic, and I wanted to change my life and prayed for a way. A week later I accidently met a yoga master and my life changed. He said to me, “I promise I am going to pass the light of Babaji through your heart and it will change your life”. One of my challenges had been about my emotional relationships. A year later I met Nooshin, and it was only a month after she had returned from Herakhan. We argued about Herakhan Baba or Maha Avatar Babaji. It was a three year on and off relationship with many challenges. But then I went on a three-day retreat and my heart opened, so when Marjan also said she wanted to go to Herakhan I decided to come too. On the road here I listened to a song on the tape and by chance it was the aarti and I burst into tears.


I Marjan

After my yoga master left for America, I wanted to come to an ashram in India to be by myself on retreat. I had also thought about Vipassana, but because I had been doing Kriya, I looked for a Kriya place. And then Nooshin told me about Herakhan and I said, “I’ll come with you, if you go again”. But before coming here, a lot of blocks happened. We arrived here just before Navaratri began, and I’ve been talking to Babaji a lot, asking him questions. I told him I want to connect with him. From the first moment I arrived, people answered my questions. So during this Navaratri, I asked Babaji six questions and they have all been answered.






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