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I CISTERNINO                                                              

by Titti – 28th June 2018


At the beginning of the 1980’s, I had the blessing to share the very first years of the Bhole Baba Ashram of Cisternino. This was an unknown hermitage and getting there was an adventure. The first time I came, after crossing Italy to the very south, I passed through trullis and tratturis on small intertwined dirt roads outlined by ancient stone walls. The land was an expanse of red earth dotted only by olive trees and rows of vines. Few spoke Italian and the local dialect was incomprehensible. The looks were wary, the culture ancient and peasant, the people poor and very simple. This was the ideal place for sadhana, meditation and introspection.


After more than 30 years had passed, I was called to return to the ashram. When I arrived, I found a very different place. The roads were paved, high trees shaded the countryside, tourist facilities and buildings covered the territory. In previous years the ashram was an unknown and isolated retreat, but now it has become a renowned and loved place. It is a destination in the world for many on a spiritual journey. Moreover the longest cycle route in Europe runs along the north side of the ashram land and all of the people passing by can see the dome of the mandir. Many stop curiously and, consciously or unknowingly, receive darshan. Babaji has transformed the mission of this house, no longer a hermitage but a center for spreading his teachings.

The time is ripe for his message to be accessible to everyone. Our effort now in this place of light is to follow with all our heart the spiritual practices that Babaji taught us by entrusting ourselves to him leaving everything in his hands. If we entrust ourselves to him by constantly calling his presence, all people who pass each day will be able to absorb his energy by receiving the blessing of his darshan, listening to his message and setting an example from devotees.

Babaji told us “if you are happy, I am happy” but experience has shown me that the opposite is also true; if we do everything to make him happy, then we are also intimately happy. The enduring and deep happiness of the devotee stems from sadhana. Sadhana, supported by the constant repetition of the mantra and by self-inquiry makes the great miracle so necessary for humanity: it transforms chaos into harmony, darkness into light, pain and destruction into joy and creation.

The Dharma that Babaji taught us is to offer our sincere effort and live with a total abandonment in his hands, offering every thought, action and emotion to the Mother, who lives inside every being. Let us ask Babaji for a single grace, to give us this conscious and absolute trust in him who is everything. Only then, can a true love be born for all and for all that exists. This is the Kranti, the revolution of consciousness that will take us through the fire into the coming Age of Light. Brahmasvarup Shri 1008 Bhagwan Haidakhan Bihari Dev ki Jai !

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