Update On The Practical Havan Training Program

I Update On The Practical Havan Training Program

The Haidakhandi Samaj has conducted 2 Havan Training Programs so far. The first one was at Anandpuri Ashram, Chilliyanaula during the Ashwin Navaratras 2017 and the second one at Haidakhan Vishwa Maha Dham during the Chaitra Navaratras 2018. So far more than 20 devotees have learnt the basic methodologies of conducting the Havan from Shri Vinod Shastri. This program is a beginners’ course, and gives participants a basic understanding of the practical way of performing the Haidakhandi Havan.

We plan to run the next course on 12-13 October during the Ashwin Navaratras 2018, at Anandpuri Ashram Chilliyanaula. During the course of Chaitra Navaratras 2019 we plan to do a more intense course where there would be more focus on a participant’s practical learning & practice. Devotees interested in attending the Ashwin Navaratras course may write to Sanjeev Sarna on tmnideas@gmail.com

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