Recent developments in the Indian Samaj by Shri Uday Chatterjee


In addition to the Indian Samaj signing the landmark agreement between these two hospitals, the following projects are active:


  1. Your Indian Samaj is working on a plan to implement a Girl Child Initiative to cover about two hundred girls in Haidakhan and Chilianoula area, who are from economically deprived families and are deserving and who will be identified through due diligence. We propose to take care of tuition fees, books and uniforms for these girls, and to monitor their progress. This Initiative is still being formulated and will in all likelihood be operational by spring Navaratri.


  1. We are undertaking an initiative for the Ayurveda Hospital to upgrade the interiors and facilities, as well as implementing a software system for the Ayurveda Hospital to offer its advisory services on the internet to clients all over the world.


  1. This year we have had a busy Shivaratri Program with Babaji’s Padukas going to three homes in Bombay before going to Manda Ashram for Mahashivaratri.


  1. We are proposing to have a whole day Thinking and Planning Session in early March in Delhi to discuss long term plans to improve our activities and discuss comprehensive measures to make the Samaj more relevant for the future.


I have one other humble comment to make, not so much as an advice to anyone, but something I would like to encourage for the Indian Samaj: to identify noble programs and involve more participation by devotees. This can help to lift the level of discourse and make the Samaj more relevant to society and its devotees.

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