Radio Haidakhan

Radio Haidakhan, the new cosmic broadcasting station on the web went ‘omline’ and started a 24 hour non-stop service in the spirit of Bhole Baba.  If you open this page press the play icon on the little radio picture. The player should work on every computer, tablet or Smartphone. After a few moments loading, the player will start.


(Also on this page is a URL address which you can copy and paste into your computer music programme such as iTunes or others). Enjoy this programme !


For the musicians amongst us: if you’d like to spread your music worldwide please send me your music. Go to and click on the contact button or mail to  and let’s discuss how to transfer these files.



For donations for planetbabaji or RadioHaidakhan there is a link on this site: scroll to the bottom and there is a PayPal account under the name:



Travelling in India   Lal Baba writes: Here is a link for connecting people who wish to travel together from Delhi to Haidakhan, etc.

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