USA – Family Week and the workshop on Real Love – Sept 2016

by Lok Nath



This is our annual family week with “Kids Camp” and adult “Workshop”. Families arrive from all over the US and visitors pass through from around the world. This year’s Workshop is a presentation and discussion of Greg Baer’s work, “Real Love.”  Love is the resonant theme for the whole week. Participants and visitors gather in the morning for Paduka Puja, Havan and twice a day Aarti. Morning breakfast is followed by an “appreciation feast” where we take time to celebrate and love each individual. Kids Camp emphasizes a love of each other and Mother Earth with outdoor play, karma yoga, chanting, and hikes. Our workshop has also attracted Crestone residents who meet twice a week at the Ashram for Real Love support groups.


Time and again we hear the Ashram described as the open-hearted meeting place for Crestone. Many traditions with retreat and meditation spaces are represented here but none with so clear a public schedule of twice daily worship and New Moon / Full Moon Fire Ceremonies that are both family and visitor friendly. Babaji’s spirit is vibrantly alive here – from the mountains and desert spaciousness to sharing the Aarti lamp with visitors.


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