Haccadown Ashram by Rob and Gaby

Our ashram at Haccadown in South Devon has been sold. A number of factors combined to make this unavoidable, including the terms of a large loan, lack of support from members, disagreements regarding the location of the ashram, and unbearably difficult interpersonal relationships around the ashram community. All this has inhibited the thriving of our second attempt at having an ashram for Babaji in the UK.   It seems that from the beginning of acquiring bricks and mortar, whether the ashram is based in Blaengors, West Wales or Haccadown, Devon, issues of control, dissension and apathy have shown themselves in their most destructive form. There were many attempts to heal these rifts but all to no avail. This being said, and as in some other countries, there has only ever been a small contingent of Babaji devotees in the UK.


The sale proceeds from the ashram are being invested and the interest will be used to support initiatives that share Babaji’s teachings. We understand that there remains a spirit of goodwill in the HSUK Committee to support and encourage those devotees and HSUK members, in different parts of the country, who want to put energy into building communities locally, dedicated to Babaji’s teachings and the Sanatan Dharma.


One of the first projects funded by Haidakhandi Samaj (UK) will be the printing of this Journal for free dissemination to all Babaji Devotees in the UK. If you live in the UK and have not received a printed copy of this Journal by Navaratri time, please inform the Editors (email contact is given at the end of this Journal) and we will send a copy to you.


Gayatri, who was pujari and caretaker of Haccadown, is now living in her own home in Exeter, and we wish her well in her new life there.    The murtis and padukas from the ashram temple are being cared for by Durgadas and Harisudha at their home near Glastonbury. Devotees can contact them to arrange a visit on 01458-272980 or email graeme.bailie@sky.com

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