UK – Babaji in the UK – a new impulse – sept 2016

By Ben and Jonathan


This is a turning point in the history of the Babaji community in the UK. We are building on the community that was formed around the last ashram in Devon. We decided to take a new direction focussed on Babaji’s teachings of truth, simplicity and love, and build an outreach to inspire a newer younger generation of devotees. So we are reaching out and learning from other Samajs across the world.  As Gaby writes: “In the UK, people who are not in the Haidakhandi Samaj UK view it as a closed, esoteric group of people”. So underpinning this new outreach is an openness and willingness toward anyone in the UK interested in following a spiritual path. So all traditions and backgrounds are welcome under the Sanatan Dharma, the eternal path that seeks out the similarities between different religions rather than the differences. For instance on the altar of our Bhakti festival days are usually pictures and photographs of Babaji, Ammaji, Neem Karoli Baba, Anandamayi Ma and others.


On 7th August we had our Samaj AGM attended by 20+ devotees. There is a proposal to look at buying the old bank on Glastonbury High Street to set up Babaji Centre with a temple, dormitories, events space, garden and a café. In the meantime we are committing ourselves to producing a programme of community building: having stands at festivals, literature and Babaji merchandise (e.g. T-shirts, Om Namah Shivaya bracelets, to spread the basic teachings of Babaji), increasing the Samaj membership, Pujas and fire ceremonies, and putting on kirtan events, plus workshops on aspects of Bhakti Yoga, etc. And of course celebrating the major festivals. We will make sure we attend events in other countries such as the European Gurupurnima festivals, and including Indian festivals when possible. So we are looking to support a larger community of spiritually minded people in the UK.   Please watch this space for a new UK Babaji website.





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