SWITZERLAND – Schweibenalp News – Sept 2016

by Sundar Baba


While I write these words it is cool and rainy, as it has been most of this spring and summer in Switzerland. However the plants of our permaculture gardens are growing well. Our permaculture project grows and attracts people to us, who then discover our other activities, our community, our temple and puja.
Right now at our Center of Unity we have the Bhakti week where 200 devotees of Krishna and Radha come together to celebrate in a very beautiful way. I have started to learn a lot about the Vaishnavas and especially the spiritual culture of Krishna and Radha as it has developed since the Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji incarnation of both, 500 years ago. He manifested a new devotional path based on the eternal teachings of India. Everywhere here are kirtan and lectures and a very Sattvik atmosphere – very loving and fine.
At the end of August we will host the UNIPEACE – our intercultural and interreligious peace festival with fantastic concerts and lectures and fire Pujas from three continents. For the first time a shaman bushwoman from Namibia is joining us too. At the end of September we will once more host the GREEN PHOENIX conference. For some years now it is a meeting of representatives of many of the older and larger communities of Europe, and this gathering is becoming a “think tank” to look collectively into our strengths and weaknesses and into the development of the movement.


In November the Herakhandi Sanga of Switzerland will come together at Schweibenalp to share and make puja together. On an ongoing basis our daily aartis and frequent havans give us a good spiritual base. Even though only few of us attend regularly the awareness of this is there with everyone. As in every community the human relations and the finances are the most difficult. We are again and again challenged to be tolerant, non judgmental and open. Without one single spiritual alignment for everybody it is not easy to evolve a collective wisdom.




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