SWEDEN – Samba Sadashiva Dham – 22-25 July 2016

by Bo Wahlström



At the last Gurupurnima (GP) in Schweibenalp there was speculation that we might host the 2016 GP in Sweden. That idea was a bit too big for us at the moment, but we were happy to receive a smaller group who travelled to us from the GP celebration in Holland this year. Our preparations began 6 months ago with Swedish and Finnish karma yogis: Cutting trees, laying floors, repairing houses, constructing showers, etc. This July the ashram vibrated with activity and we finally completed our efforts with a chai-shop and kitchen tent, and a warm water tank gracefully brought from Finland. Even our prayers for a warm and sunny weather were answered just in time !  Our international guests arrived with their high energy, from Holland GP and we were nearly 50 people here to receive them. Among them were many devotees, as well as people from other Swedish organizations, that helped in the development of our ashram. During the official three-day program of Babaji pujas, Swami Nirdosha led a special Linga Puja and Abishek, and then Ann offered a guided forest tour with information about our newly protected ecological site and its significant uniqueness.


The Yagya in our Dev Dhuni was the real highlight. It is magically situated in the middle of the woods and was inaugurated in 1994 by Alok when he came to support us with a team of devotees. It still is alive! We feel so blessed by the program and all the karma yoga that made it possible. We are so grateful that our international guests came all the long way up here to share their time and devotion with us.  Next summer we will extend the invitations to our annual Surya-Solstice celebration internationally. A time when it never gets dark up here.



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