Sambasadashiva Dham by Bo Wahlström



The Swedish ashram was purchased in 1992 and is beautifully located about 120 km north of Stockholm. It consists of 9 hectares of forest, with a temple and dhuni (inaugurated by Shri Alok Banerjee). The forest is pure and free from acid, which has allowed unusual biodiversity of plants, flowers and herbs.   Over the years we had many visits. Among them we had the privilege to receive Shri Mahamandaleshwar during his last trip to Europe in 2003. In 2010 we received a gift from India of a Sambasadashiva Lingam, designed in black and white marble, and had it installed with the help of the local Hindu priest and the Indian Ambassador to Sweden.


We have now succeeded in transferring the ownership to the Sambasadashiva Foundation, which means that the land can never come out on the market again and we can begin long-term planning and investment in the property. The Swedish National Television, SVT, made half an hour program about us. Shri Babaji was giving blessings from the TV screen. The film team inserted parts of a Babaji movie from the internet. This led to a lot of mail and phone calls which were overall positive and interesting.  The municipal authorities were interested in our claims of having an ecological sound piece of land and came to check it. They found almost 20 species which are ‘red-listed’, meaning they are in danger of extinction.    We are seriously checking out the possibilities of hosting the Gurupurnima celebration here in 2016.    Let’s see – the blessings of Shri Babaji are great.

Website: www.babaji.se       Contact: info@babaji.se Address:

Haidakhan Baba Center Ortalavägen 183, 764 91 Väddö, Sweden

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