SERBIA – Feb 2016

 by Tara

Photo of Hejrakandi Belgrade Aarti Team

Hejrakandi, Belgrade, Serbia

c/o Tara (Tatjana), Belgrade


Two years ago in Babaji’s Haidakhan ashram I received the message that I should open a Babaji centre in my homeland. Since I am international traveller I wasn’t sure that I am the most suitable person for this and also I was not sure in which place to do it. So I started with daily Aarti practice in my home, unsure what to do with this task that was always in the back of my mind.  I then realized that I am the “Center” by myself, so maybe that’s what it is all about. How to transfer this inner feeling to others? And I’m also unsure as to how long I will live here. But then my friend Jelena contacted me and we start feeling strong spiritual connection. I asked her if she would join me for Aarti and she was very happy to do so and felt herself totally in it. I realised that now two of us are the “Center.” So I organised weekly Aarti in my modest home and call the centre Hejrakandi.  Recently a third friend Deva Lila (Svetlana) joined, and then another. Our first group Aarti was on October 23rd 2015. This ‘Centre’ is really just a small pioneer project.  I perform a short Puja at the beginning of Aarti, and printed out books (some in English and some I’ve found in Serbian language) and photos of Babaji. I made a small donation box and started sharing information on Facebook. Someone came with an Indian drum and now I am searching for the best way to get a harmonium.

All the time I am meditating on this one message Babaji left us: to unite around similarities instead of being focused on differences. I would appreciate any suggestions about the best way to present Haidakhan Aarti and its meaning to people.


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