RUSSIA – Hairakhandi Love Center (Zaluchnoe) – sept 2016

by Arman


This year we are continuing active work in the Centre. At this moment we are repairing a roof in a small summer house and also we are planning to install a window into Babaji’s kutir. It is all made possible thanks to the hard work and donations of devotees. We organised a big festival which started on 16 of July this year, on Shri Munirajji’s Birthday, and finished on the 19th of July when we celebrated Guru Purnima. With mutual help and hard work we were able organise this event. And it gave an opportunity for the people to be in touch with Babaji’s tradition.


Also during the festival we introduced our first CD of Russian music band “Phuro”, and the name of the album is “From Zaluchnoe with Love !“. On the CD we play North Indian bhajans of Haidakhan Babaji’s tradition, on ancient Russian music instruments. The music band was organized by Arman and Jay Shree in 2015. The goal of our music band is to support financially and develop The Hairdakhandi Love Centre in Zaluchnoe village and inspire people to live accordingly to Babaji’s principles of Truth Simplicity and Love.




We also published a 2017 calendar with the dates of the main festivals. This calendar contains prints of 12 pictures which Shri Babaji painted during His presence here. You can order calendars and we will send it to you by post. All money will go to The Hairdakhandi Love Centre in Zaluchnoe.




You are very welcome to our Centre! We will always be happy to see you here!


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