POLAND Lanckorona (Bhole Baba Seva Dham) – sept 2016

by Paramanand


Bringing Babaji’s message closer to the people


It’s not easy to walk in cold off the street into an ashram, and be prepared to attend a fire and aarti and then do karma yoga with love and devotion. So we are consciously making bridges to enable strangers to find it easier to take in what happens in our ashram: now we have begun a public Cafe and B&B !  Yes, it gives us money to develop the ashram but also we have wanted to integrate more into our community. Now we have people coming here, through booking.com, who come and also spend a few minutes in Babaji’s temple. And this enables a closer relationship with the villagers, now that that our site is becoming more open and recognisable. So the ashram becomes a more accepted and integrated part of the village and the temple becomes a part of that whole.


Lanckorona is anyway like a real Babaji village where devils and angels cooperate to make a better world: just before Christmas will be the yearly gathering of all devils and angels.  We invite you to stay for the gathering and we will keep the costs down for you if you choose join us.


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