Bhole Baba Seva Dham Ashram, Lanckorona, near Krakow


Three or four times a year I visit this ashram in Poland. It is one of the two Polish ashrams, the other being Haidakhandi Seva Dham, Makolno (near Wroclaw), set up by Megha and Mohan.   Visitors come now and then to Bhole Baba Seva Dham Ashram, and also groups who have their own program and join partly in with the ashram programme. In this way the ashram was able to progress through the years. There’s not a lot of money in Poland to support ashrams and other centres; supporting one’s family is hard enough for many given the economic situation.  It is a completely different situation here than say in Holland.


Radha and Paramanand developed a formula so that the ashram can survive financially and to enable it to pay back the loans which were taken out to establish this place. So they host groups, and people for bed & breakfast, ayurvedic massage and a lifestyle programs. The building has been improved a lot, which includes a newly renovated dining hall. A special room for ayurvedic massage is coming soon. But much more work is planned for the future as the building needs further renovation. If anyone is interested in investing in this place and would like to be a partner (and tourism is growing locally so the prospect is good), or if you would like to take part in the lifestyle training or Ayurveda program, you are heartily welcome.
The ashram area now belongs completely to Babaji, and as advised by Shri Munirajji, it is run by a Bhole Baba Foundation. Everybody is heartily welcome to visit here and enjoy a Haidakhandi Holiday. And you are of course welcome here for the forthcoming Navaratri celebrations, 21-29 March. The staff are used to receiving international guests.


See: www.babaji.pl (- click on Welcome for English version)

& www.ayur-garden.com and also www.heart-of-europe.pl.


– written by Bhaskaranand in collaboration with Paramanand

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