LATVIA / Spring 2017

by Uma


Several Babaji centres have been active for a long time in Latvia. The inspiration came from Shri Munirajji’s visit in 1996, and we acknowledge the support of Rajni, Santoshi and others. We meet together weekly at the Babaji Centre in the centre of the beautiful city of Riga for aarti and havan under guidance of Ajit Singh. Pujari Sai Ram and Sadashiva conduct the rituals. We celebrate spring and autumn Navaratri, Shivaratri, Diwali and other important spiritual days.


In 2016 at Diwali we celebrated a fifth year anniversary in the famous Rigas Congress Hall (1142 seats). Sumit Bakshi, the devotee of Babaji who is head of the tour operator ‘Omkar Group’ organised the main festive celebrations: there were also master classes and creative workshops. The bhajan singer Dhroeh Nankoe gave a grand concert and inspired the hearts of everyone to sing along with the bhajans. You can see some photos from this Diwali Mela Riga 2016 on:   The Omkar Group organizes all Haidakhan ashram holidays in Latvia. They also organises health visits to Babaji’s Ayurvedic clinic and temple in Chilianaula, India, where some participants are first introduced to the teachings of Babaji.


Not far from Riga, in the village of Upesciems, the Babaji family gathers in the Centre which is guided by Vasudev. Here devotees come from all parts of Latvia. Vasudev constructed the dhuni here that was blessed by Shri Guru Muniraji. This is a great blessing for Latvia.


Two famous Latvian Haidakhan bhajan singers, Mahesh and Peter, sing monthly at a beautiful Bhajan Café in the centre of Riga (at Antonijas Street 10). Inspired by the many beautiful bhajans, we feel the love that connects us with Babaji and the Divine Mother and which touches our souls. Some devotees have been so inspired by this feeling of divine energy that they are recording a Mahesh bhajan CD in 2017.

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