On Leadership, Reconciliation and the Italians

by Raghuvir

Under the hot sun of southern Italy we enjoyed a lovely Guru Purnima close to the idyllic village of Cisternino.   This beautiful sunny weather was also a bit much at times while we waited in long lines for the sumptuous, healthy bandaras which were served. Also during the strong havans one had the sensation of being in-between 2 fires, one from above and one from beneath us. But then in the evening aartis we sat under a beautiful starry sky in front of the exact copy of the Temple in Herakhan, singing together with many devoted hearts and spirits raised to great heights. About 150 people came from all over the world for these 4 wonderful days.


Lots of dust has blown through the valley from Cisternino in the past year, but full praise for a small group of Phull Singh, Jaman Singh, Hansa Singh, Karmananda and several others who cleaned and painted the whole ashram & temple. A beautiful garden with vegetables and fruit trees was created this winter and this festival was organized by this small group. From the very beginning of this beautiful ashram, there has been controversy against leadership, and whoever was in charge. Apart from Phull Singh, there is nobody left anymore from the “old” devotees who wants to take the lead. Many devotees live in the valley of Cisternino (about 100) but we saw very few of these old friends. This was a sad aspect somehow, and many of us could not understand how these long time devotees could simply turn their backs on this beautiful ashram on such a festive occasion.


This phenomenon can be seen in the world and also in other ashrams of Babaji (be it less evident). Perhaps it is for us to learn from Babaji’s family in Italy to keep our focus on what binds us together rather than on the different ideas we have that separate us. The often announced kranti by Babaji is not only happening outside of us in the world but also takes place inside of us. It is therefore very important that we stay conscious how we behave towards those around us, as well as to the world around us.  At this stage the teachings of Babaji are coming full speed in 4D at us. This can be a heavenly profound teaching but also a hellish experience if we do not learn our lessons.


We did bring the Hawaiian meditation practice of forgiveness called Ho’oponopono to Cisternino.  It had some immediate effect but it will need to be sincerely and regularly practiced, as wounds are deep and old for some. Perhaps it’s a good practice to do after aarti in all our ashrams, as it takes 5-10 minutes and changes the focus from blaming the “other” to what is happening inside of us. More explanations of this meditation technique can be found on the internet.   But as I started off at the beginning of this account, the mood and spirits where high and it felt great to be there. It completely depends on what one is concentrated upon: your mind or your heart.


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