ITALY – Villa San Secondo – Sept 2016

by Jai Anand


The New Board

Our Babaji family of the Centro Spirituale di Pace Haidakhandi at Villa San Secondo has witnessed momentous changes this year. For the first time we have become a group of simple devotees who have committed to offer continuous service and renewal for our ashram. We realised that we needed to step up to this task. In this, our happy island, we have wanted to welcome all people of goodwill to share with us the work and the moments of unity and joy which are infused with deep peace. We have a new president, a new board and new ways of relating, with respect for all, and transparency in both actions and thoughts. We have also hosted very challenging seminars, but these have turned out well. These changes are so obvious that everyone has been able to touch it with their hands, see it and feel it in the heart.

We had a Gurupurnima where everyone worked hard and happily to make it a success. We read the Sapta Sati together with young people who had a great desire to learn. We have reactivated the small dhuni in front of the Baba’s kutir that was inaugurated by Shri Maha Mandaleswar. This is a great blessing. We want this place to become like Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham.


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