ITALY – The Croce Mandir – sept 2016

by Padam Sing

In 1994, during the visit of Shri Muniraj to Cisternino, Kalu Singh and I presented Guruji with a list of devotees who were interested in building a centre in our area, a group that had been meeting for many years in the home of Kali in Albori, on the turquoise sea of the Amalfi Coast. Shri Muniraj looked at us, thought for a moment and then replied: “Later”. Kalu and I nodded, thinking that the right opportunity would come in due course.  Two years later, the opportunity arose to rent a place that seemed suitable: a house in Croce that was inhabited for many years by devotees. So, in February 1996, the Croce Mandir was born.

Croce is a hill on the border between Cava De Tirreni and Salerno. The view looks out on to the Gulf of Salerno from one side, and to the Amalfi coast from the other side. It is very beautiful and pure. It is a hill, but feels like high mountains, and there is a crystalline energy there. Between the mountains, which remind people of Hairakhan, you can see the sea.

At autumn Navratri 1999, a devotee of our group took photos of the Mandir to India to show to Shri Shastriji and Shri Muniraj. Shastriji, looking carefully at the photo: “Accha, very good place! The energy is very good. In which part of Italy is it located? “  She told him it was at Cava De ‘Tirreni near the sea between Salerno and Naples. Shastri: “Was there a church here, before it became a temple of Babaji? Who built this house?” and she answered that she did not know. Shastriji went on to say: “The energy of the place is very good. How many of you pray to Babaji in this place?” and she told him: “A group of 20-25 people. We do Aarati every Sunday, and also during the Indian and Italian festivals or to celebrate someone’s birthday. The house that houses the Mandir is in need of some repair, can we continue?”  “Yes, this is your place. It’s very beautiful, take care of your temple. This is very good place and all around, good energy!” She thanked him very much. She was completely unaware that the place which is now used as a Mandir was a consecrated church two centuries ago, and that the house was built by two Canons. When Sri Muniraj later looked at the photos, he nodded and said: “Good, very good.”


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