News about Villa San Secondo, Asti – Feb 2016


News about Villa San Secondo, Asti  from Jai Anand and Daniela

We spent our New Year celebration in Villa San Secondo, the Babaji Centre in Asti, North Italy. We were about 30 people, including many young people. We are very pleased with these younger people, who increasingly live in the Ashram feeling at home, taking more and more responsibility. Now they are beginning to organise seminars, the first of which is in March this year on the subject: ‘Communication’. They have invited a professor from the University of Turin who will hold the seminar. Great !   We had a Havan on the first of January and it was really nice. We spent four wonderful days in warmth, harmony and serenity. Thanks to Baba everything goes well.



Bhole Baba Center Cisternino from Enzo

Since January 1, 2016 the Bhole Baba Center of Cisternino is managed by the new Association Bhole Baba, created thanks to the joint efforts of the Bhole Baba Foundation and the Italian Samaji. The Centre has stepped up its activities and is hosting events and seminars that can be followed on the website

And especially on the Facebook page:


The new association is made up of a group of devotees, both old and new, and it is working profitably and with great understanding. They improved both the welcome and the hospitality thanks to the contribution of new energy. The intense Karma Yoga has allowed us to collect more than 300 kilograms of olive oil. The garden is still active and pujas are practiced daily. Due to the blessings of our Master the centre remains alive and vital, and we also thank those who support us with their financial aid and with their affection.


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