Italian Nuts / Spring 2017

by Jai Anand


In Italy, the ashrams have a lot of land and there are 800 kg of hazelnuts produced in Villa San Secondo and 800 kg of almonds in Cisternino and Premdas also produces a lot of nuts. The Italian Samaj is now organising the production of them for marketing: roasting and vacuum packing them for sale to Ashrams in Europe or even in America. Hazelnuts from the area of Villa San Secondo are the best in the world and were sold to the Ferrero Company in the past.  So this can be a way of working together, bringing cooperation between Ashrams and a perhaps a harmony between the people. They are roasting the nuts using a normal pot and so it takes time as they don’t want to use machines. In the past they sold the nuts always very quickly.

In Northern Italian ashrams there are structural problems: such as new windows needed, leaking roofs and electricity problems. The devotees are working and offering seminars to bring in money but there are a lot of expenses like taxes for the Foundation, and so they have to find new productive ways to bring in the money.   They need help to promote the selling of the nuts to other ashrams. They plan to send ashrams small samples of the nuts to taste and would like the Journal and Jai HO to spread the news.

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