Italy and Gurupurnima 2015 by Raghuvir




Stories of disagreement in Babaji’s family in South Italy have circled the globe. Since 15 years or so, each chairman or organizer has been confronted with enormous criticism and non-cooperation. One after the other was met with the same fate. We pray that with their big Italian hearts they will pull it together again and we will once again celebrate Babaji’s harmony there this summer. It will take REAL harmony to preserve one of Babaji’s oldest ashrams outside India.   And after India, Italy has more Babaji devotees than any other country. This is what can happen anywhere really, if we cannot overcome our small me-and-mine world. Instead let us selflessly, creatively support Babaji’s works into the future !


We all, world-wide, have to take a lesson from this as we are now missing the physical guidance of Shri Muniraj who cannot intervene or guide anybody when we go off track. We need to do this work together – to keep Babaji’s energy places around the world in good working condition for Babaji and ourselves, but also for those who may come to His feet in the future.   If we cannot work together, we will go down….and not only do we fail Babaji, but we actually fail ourselves.




However there is a small group that is pushing forward to organise Gurupurnima in Cisternino. So happily we now announce that the international Guru Purnima 2015 will be held in Cisternino, Italy this year. The celebrations are at the height of summer and are promising to be warm, colourful and exciting – we can count on these qualities from the Italians !   They are less famous for their organisation skills and to give them a hand it will be great if you can make your reservations to attend as early as you can.  It would be great if you have time to go there before and help with the preparations.   Support of all sorts for the Cisternino Ashram, including financial, is highly appreciated ! 


The Gurupurnima in Cisternino is 30th July to 2nd August


And Jai Anand writes: “For the Summer 2015 edition of the International Haidakhandi Journal we will write an article on the situations in all the Babaji centers in Italy.“

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