Sada Shiva Dham Ashram by Bhaskaranand


Through the years the Dutch ashram has received many visitors. Yes, people come here to attend Aarti, Havan, or Karma yoga, but also our place is visited by people who ask for a guided tour and want to understand what we are doing here. It’s not only those who pass by on a walk in this attractive environment who show interest, but we also regularly receive groups such as: neighbourhood groups, families, housewives, rotary club, teachers with their students, etc. They will often ask for a guided tour which takes of about one and a half hours. Most of these visitors are very open and it is a joy to show them around the ashram and tell them about our temple and Babaji and his universal teachings. For us here this is a good way, and a great delight, to share Babaji’s teachings with others.


Soon, at the end of May, the Kirtan-Benefit-Festival is coming and we also hope to attract people who are completely new and have come to enjoy the vibrations which kirtan singing brings.  And as usual we will be celebrating a full Navaratri from 21st to 29th March. If you don’t go to Haidakhan then this is a good place to celebrate !

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