Kirtan Festival in May 2015 – by Aradhana & Kailash




Inspired by the Bhakti festival organized by devotees in the UK, we are inviting everyone to a Kirtan Charitable Festival at Sada Shiva Dham Ashram in Holland on 29th to 31st May 2015.    We hope to keep kirtan going for a continuous 48 hours!  We want to make it an open festival where we devotees of Babaji can exhibit what fits in our programs like: Ayurvedic healing & food, Hatha Yoga, Karma yoga, Healing & consultations, workshops, chai-shop, market, etc. How much of all this we can muster up depends on your participation as we are but a limited group in Holland but very open to the international community. Please contact us if you like to participate, and we have some space for consultations. The regular ashram program of aarti, havan, will continue as usual.

To maintain the wonderful Seva project going that we do in our hospital in Chilianaula, we are dedicating the profits of this festival to the eye department there. There will be a stand with information about the latest developments in the Hospital. We hope that our Chairman of the Indian Samaj Alok Banerjee will come over from India for this occasion. Alok is a great dolak player and has a great feel for kirtan also. If you have any ideas how to maximize the donations we can create together for the hospital please contact us.

There will be an international array of musicians including: Turkantam, Moti Ma, Pujari, Tabla Tom and Dharmanada.  From outside our group we can also enjoy the internationally famed Praful, Maneesh the Moor and whoever else Babaji may guide to the stage here.  We hope that this event can be a continuous devotional offering to the Divine, and invite you all to come. It will be a great help in our organization if you can reserve in advance.   Please spread this news and use the poster.   See the website for information.   For questions and reservations write to   News, video’s etc. is also given on

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