Holland Kirtan Benefit Festival May 2015

by Thrisha & Tom  


Living the Sanatan DharmaKirtan Benefit Festival in Sada Shiva Dham


A million pranams to all the Dutch Baba family for creating the Kirtan Benefit Festival at the end of May 2015. Baba’s home in Holland was filled with people of all faiths and nationalities, all singing the divine names – it really was living Sanatan Dharma. Present were the radiant and familiar faces from the Haidakhandi family, as well as new open-hearted visitors who came for the first time to a Babaji ashram. They came to participate in the kirtan and music, but also took part in havan, aarati and karma yoga – and had Baba and Muniraji’s darshan. I personally met several people who said coming to Sada Shiva Dham had changed their lives.   And whilst we were all experiencing deep inner work, some 5000 Euros were also raised for the Haidakhandi Charitable Hospital and the Gift of Vision project which cures blindness for poor villagers in some of the remotest and poorest sections of the Kumaon region. Tom and I felt honoured to be able to take part. These gatherings are a wonderful service –  to ourselves and to others. We all ‘benefit.’




Gaby writes: The music at the Kirtan Benefit Festival in Holland extended far beyond the usual aarati and bhajans routine, but turned more into a mini Glastonbury festival of sacred music, played to an amazingly high standard. It included musicians from Neem Karoli Baba, Sufi, Buddhist and Osho communities, who brought their workshops, prayers and mantras. One person said: After a day or so, the music became simply irresistible, it drew me in like a magnet and finally made me let go of my stress and melt in an ocean of pure bliss. Everyone was dancing.”


Next UK Bhakti Festival:   29/30 April – 2nd May 2016

at Osho Leela Ashram, Dorset, UK.


Next Kirtan Benefit Festival 2016 in Rieferath – date to be announced.     For more information see www.tablatom.com

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