GERMANY – Gurupurnima satsang

During the 5 days of our Gurupurnima celebration, we had a satsang that was recorded. Here is a sample of what was shared:


Maybe it’s a time for the older ones among us to step back and allow the new generation to step forward. Sometimes our work is not so easy and other times it is easier.   How to move forward? We must be together, work and sing together. Togetherness and working in harmony is the way for us.   I wish the Jai HO group many blessings for their work in helping our family to move forward, for example: the new publications and their wonderful Next Generation Gatherings at each Gurupurnima time.   The five day NGG here has just finished the day Gurupurnima celebrations started, and it was very successful and harmonious.

So if there is anything we can do to help you please ask me. So please come to the feet of Babaji, open your heart and enjoy yourself.


Lok Nath:

How to help the next generation feel more welcome ?   And how do elders in the Babaji community, including in our very individual styles of ashrams, pass on the lineage to the next generation ?     Jai HO has a website as a resource for the whole Babaji community worldwide.   If any of you are interested about Jai HO projects, or need help with a project yourself, we are totally open – you can talk to anyone of us or go on the website:



We Herakhandis are very use to work on an ashram level and on a national level.   We set up Jai HO to be able to also work on an international level, in a communication way, to inspire new ideas and projects, such as working with the next generation. In Russia Muniraji asked us to inspire the younger people to come together in a Prachar Sangh way (a group to share knowledge) bringing out the message of Babaji in many ways. For me the inspiration of the Haidakhandi International Journal published on the internet and printed in India is just such an international project.   As also are Raghuvir and Sanjeev’s new publications for the Indian Samaj.



We recognise that there are beautiful ashrams all over the world where people put a lot of love, karma yoga and money into them. So we want to think now about what happens when the people who created them and those running them, die off. Is there enough involvement from a younger generation to keep them going?  We don’t want them to be empty, of course they could become refugee centres or other things, whatever Baba wants. And we want to create a real community, because sometimes we come to these festival gatherings and there’s so many ceremonies going on that there’s not much time to share and see where people are in their lives and to form deeper bonds. OK we are all Herakhandis, but who are you really and what’s happening in your life? Maybe we can help you or you can help us. With the next generation gatherings we see that the younger people are making great and beautiful connections with each other, so when they come here they make deeper friendships, and then they are more likely to return ! So it’s about getting together again, in friendships and singing together like last night. We need to be a family.   We’ve also hoped to find the time to do Yatras – to visit each other’s ashrams more often than just attend Gurupurnima in say Rieferath every four years. Maybe also to be able to offer courses at centres and ashrams too. But mainly it’s simply that we would like to see each other more often.



The older generation here today have been the road builders for the future, and new people will come forward. Each generation has its own road-building to do.   Together we can create a future for all of us. We can be shining lights when we go out into the world with harmony and love in our hearts.   Why did I come to Babaji ?   To find my own Self ? When driving, you switch on your GPS. Now for ourselves we need to have an inner GPS and the Guru is that for us.  Let’s ask ourselves 4 questions:   Who am I? Where am I in my life?   Where do I want to be in my life?   How might I get there?


Gayatri: Babaji said: Follow the path that is in your heart.


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