GERMANY Gurupurnima in Rieferath



A delightful Gurupurnima celebration took place at Bhole Baba Ashram in Germany from 5th to 9th July 2017. There were 4 days of puja and havan led by Shri Alok Banerjee, culminating in a full abhishekam by everyone to Babaji’s Padukas, followed by the final havan on the last day.




We would like to heartily thank Alok for leading us so beautifully and to both him and Sanjeev for travelling so far to join us and sharing their wisdom and service. Also thanks for joining us to Shri Ram Narayan and his son Pradeep from Delhi, and Ketan, Manisha and family from Mumbai. The German Samaj and devotees were exemplary in their welcome, hospitality and service to the 200 to 250 devotees who attended.





Sundar writes: After a very touching and intensive time of 11 days at Rieferath in Germany, I am very impressed with Bhole Baba Ashram, which I have known for over 35 years.   At the beginning it was heavy, dark and cold, as was Germany. Now after 35 years of Puja and Karmayoga and learning to love each other, it is light and very pure, a great place for Sadhana and a powerful community. All of Germany has become much lighter I feel. Our duty is to help all these endeavours.





Jamuna writes:   Yes, Kharku and I too felt the awesome energy that Germany is holding not only for the Babaji Gurupurnima but also for the world at this time. It was so palpable as well as we continued our journey and remained in other parts of Germany. Incredible! And such a tribute to the devotees holding this with their devotion, selfless service, meaningful and thoughtful living. So beautiful and so palpable.




Gaby writes:

One of my favourite moments during Gurupurnima was the early morning havan in the small dhuni: 25 people tightly packed around the fire, turned inward and deeply engrossed in prayer. Total silence. Only the smell of incense, smoke and the rays of the sun streaming through the window from the East – utter peace – not a sound – only the crackling of the fire as Walter in his gentle, calm and measured way, fed the sacred flames with small spoonfuls of ghee.    Maybe it was this honouring of life at the crack of dawn, this homage to the Mother of the Universe through our communal silence, devotion (and singing) that helped create such abundance of happiness, joy and laughter that so many of us experienced during those blissful days.




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