GERMANY Gurupurnima Havan Speech

by Raghuvir

Day 2

Good morning and welcome, brothers and sisters, to the 2nd day of the Gurupurnima celebrations in this lush green valley of Rieferath at Babaji’s ashram. Gathering again around this sacred fireplace for this powerful and magical ritual of havan to which most of us feel so deeply attracted and have different experiences.  It is very important that the ritual, the ingredients and the mantras are all executed correctly to have the full benefit. The one who leads the havan, the one who speaks the mantras and those who prepare it all should be knowledgeable of havan, but it really does not seem to matter so much who is actually fulfilling the task apart from the emotional added value. The formula seems to work again and again and benefit all who are present.


To enjoy the full benefit, it is highly recommended to not take this experience as me and mine. Otherwise we create dependence, an attachment in ourselves that in turn creates anxiety which is the opposite of what we really are seeking.  Here starts the true path of the spiritual seeker in being aware of these processes inside of us: ‘What are my thoughts and how am I acting on them’.   The best way of being here and now is to be present in full awareness during this beautiful ritual, following the words and melodies of the mantras, the crackling of the fire digesting the offerings and absorbing the powerful healing vibrations, and also being aware how our inner being responds. Practicing awareness is the most powerful key in all our spiritual practices. It is through awareness that we can see how necessary it is for us to heal our pains and blockages. We can offer tons of samagree and repeat millions of mantras but without awareness we can get lost in identification with ourselves. It can easily become an ego gratifying act, where many blessings are wasted.


As Babaji expressed it so eloquently: Let your life be like that of the rose, sharing its fragrance and beauty freely with its surroundings. That is where selfless service, where real freedom is hidden. So brothers and sisters together we are offering from our heart, but only a certain number can actually sit in the front row.  Let whether you sit there or not, be un-important in your experience of this beautiful ancient ritual.

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