GERMANY – Bhakti Soul Festival / Spring 2017

by Bhole Baba Ashram


From 18th to 21st August our Bhakti Soul Festival was held in our ashram.

Our idea was to bring together musicians from different spiritual traditions under the heading:    ‘Many Songs – ONE LOVE’

We invited the following musicians to perform:

The “Sister Act” Gospel Group of the Protestant Church

Sufi-Sheik Hassan and the Caravan of Love, “Buddha’s open heart” from the Buddhist Center in Munich, Krishna meets Shiva, “Praful”, the overtone-singer Christian Bollmann, Tabla Tom and Dhan & Remy. Inspired by the many beautiful songs and satsangs of the different spiritual paths, we felt this “ONE LOVE” that connects us all and touched our soul.    Throughout the Festival we felt strongly the blessings of BABAJI guiding us.   His advice “BE HAPPY” was experienced by each of us as a result of this wonderful event. for info & videos



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