by Urmila (the Swiss)

Looking back on this last year of ashram life, it feels like a good one: many people came for the yagnas, navaratris and a charity party for Chilianaula. In the last days of the year we were up to 50 persons singing great kirtan, with wonderful singers and musicians such as Tabla Tom, Turkantam, Uma, Saradambe and many others. I have a feeling of prosperity and growth and more and more younger people are arriving in this beautiful place to share their vision and their way of interpreting Babaji‘s Message. It makes the community more light, there is more diversity and fun and we are discussing new projects for the ashram. For instance we have this beautiful garden, and thank Ishwarchand for his great work. What an incredible array of vegetables came out of this garden and how great the joy about all these berries, mangold, pumkins and cabbages !


The ashram has been growing for over thirty years now and I feel so much gratitude towards all these people who perform the daily duties in the ashram, despite it being 4am and a temperature of minus 2º. I also see that things in society in general are definitly getting worse: it is more difficult for people here to get a job that gives sufficient income, many people suffer from personal problems and a growing feeling of being left on their own. This also reaches the community in many forms. Sometimes it is difficult to clear problems, we always have some conflicts going on, and it is painful to be misunderstood, not respected, and yes, this can happen. I would really love to have some support regarding our struggles, also from outside. Please let us know any suggestions. This doesn`t mean we are only quarreling, we do have very good times and there is also much LOVE here as well.   So in a society that just seems to be able to collapse in an instant, it is vital now for us to reach a solidarity or we will not be able to carry on.   We need more sharing, also financially, and learning how to work together better.        (Ed:  Please see Letters page 35 at the end of this Journal).

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