BULGARIA – Feb 2016

Bulgaria – Sri Haidhakandi Surya Kiran Dham      by Roxi & Rai Dass



We are in the 7th year since the Bulgarian ashram was born, completing the first major cycle. It was marked by an extraordinarily high level of materialisation. New spaces have been created or upgraded, and it’s clear that filling this space with life will be the main focus of the next 7 years, with more practices that serve truth, simplicity and love.  As a first taste we had the Heart Oracle seminar, which was very successful, leaving everyone enriched and uplifted with a powerful new tool for intuitive insight.





This year we decided to put the ashram online for volunteers (e.g. www.workaway.info). This has been a great new way of connecting with people from all walks of life. Many different volunteers came, some spiritual, some not, some became good friends. Most of them had never even heard of Babaji before and it was a joy for them to learn new things and experience the devotional energy of the ashram. Many found new views on life and were inspired toward their inner growth. We also had visits from the Haidakhandi family, and we hope that such visits will increase in the years to come. Next year we will be constructing a new multi-functional building that will serve as accommodation, as well as a space for group events. We are holding the first Spring Navaratra hosted in the ashram. It will take place at the end of this first cycle, to express the gratitude for our experience of the last 7 years, and it will invoke the grace for the future. We are very excited by these future developments and wish & hope that many of you will come to experience the place with us.   Feel welcome to visit us any time.         raidass888@hotmail.com



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