AUSTRALIA – Feb 2016

Australia – Babaji Centre at Tanja in Southern NSW by Nan Singh



As we wrote in December: The Australian Samaj has a major decision to be addressed at the next AGM on 17th January 2016. The Samaj faces some serious financial issues.   The decision to be taken is about the future of the centre.


Writing on 22nd January:   Well we have now held the AGM and I am so happy to report that it was probably one of the most productive meetings the Australian Samaj has ever held with some devotees travelling hundreds of kilometres to attend. The energy for the centre and the Samaj was renewed, revitalised and re-energised with a strong commitment from the members to support the centre with both money and effort. Some of the outcomes and motions passed at the meeting:


– All members are to be asked to pledge by direct debit, a small weekly amount to help with the current financial situation and to date there are seven pledges.


– There was a re commitment from all who can to attend regular Karma Yoga days to maintain the property.


– The Samaj will advertise, within the Babaji family and friends, for a pujari/caretaker to live at the centre.


– Nan Singh will spend at least one night a week at the centre and undertake Aartis and Kirtans and provide training for those who wish to learn Aarti puja.  Lakshmi will also come to play harmonium and sing Kirtan and Bhajans .


– There will be fortnightly Havans at the centre in addition to the regular havans and pujas led by Tiger Singh and Nan Singh at the temples in their homes.


We now go forward asking for His blessings on all these activities.


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