The Silence with which my heart is speaking by Deva Lila (Svetlana, SERBIA)

The Silence with which my heart is speaking

That strange feeling and the sound of my heart which dances, that is You.

You lead me through Yourself with an inexplicable music of Godly notes.

As I listen to you in silence, knowing that it has sounds of its own, I feel alive and joyful in a limitless unattainable space. Now, I am completely sure that everything inside me has the strong echo of that wonderful and so inexplicable, live Silence.

And that note which I am listening to…. each noise and tone is You.

And while I am listening, it caresses and leads my heart, and tells me how wonderful it is to be free, alone and oneself.

Totally carefree

Because wherever I go

Wherever I am

I really Am There.

That limitless, inexplicable and miraculous feeling of you shows me the way of the water, in a way that I need to see flowing within myself. Free water, where there is no stopping, like a living stream.

Simply being

Simply loving

Simply living

Simply listening,

while I am totally surrendering to You in that divine silence within myself.

We understand perfectly everything without many words.

And we understand Divine sounds which make us unique in what we are,

Together with you Babaji.

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