by Sundar (Schweibenalp, Switzerland)

For me, to say “Who is Babaji” or “What is Babaji” is a big difference !



Who is Babaji” – speaks about his person, his Being, the divine manifest as the maha-avatar, in human form, playing human lila; the one who was historically present with us from 1970 to 1984 and ever before and since. He comes as Shiva, as God manifest, as the aspects of an avatar needed at this moment on Earth to re-establish the dharma, to help humanity to grow and evolve collectively, and also he comes to support his/her devotees.  Oh! – But is he actually she? Or is she – him? If he is she then he also answers and fulfils all my female projections. Yes she does.


To me, the divine-personality-Babaji appeared in my meetings with him in body between 1979 and 1984, and since then in soul and spirit with the divinity inside and outside. It involves our melting, our merging, our meeting and my evolving in the past 36 years as Sundar. But I’m also a divine manifestation in human form, and my journey involves my purification, clearing, rising, and ever evolving in this communion and communication with Babaji. He is Maha-Prabhuji, Babaji Shiva Avatara, Babaji Father Mother Sister Brother Beloved. Through this meeting and this devotional communion I received and receive all I can imagine and more. My life, my creative work, my slow rising and evolving is, ever and always, connected to he whom I call Babaji, my Gurudev with whom I am One and who is my direct mediator and not separate from God-Goddess-Absolute (Ed: see ‘What is Babaji’ below).  I have an evolving relationship through 36 years, from being his creature and devotee to being his brother and co-creator of lila and life. Being One, Him being in me and me being nothing but Him, and to me being the unity of Him and me. So acting in the World has become very unified, has become very smooth, very intuitive and guided knowing Babaji is with me.  Babaji has become a voice in me speaking to me at times in various situations and circumstances. He has become a ‘voice’ answering my questions and although he has never failed, I still don’t rely on him completely. I also take full responsibility for myself.


So ‘Who is Babaji?’ – He is the one in the pictures and yet he is more and different. He is the one in the temple, even more powerful and almost overwhelming; almost physically present he is the one present in the Kutir here in Schweibenalp.  Here, often, He is one and unified with many other divine beings and all aspects of the great collective Avatar community, which combines so many aspects of Love, Light and all life.


What is Babaji’.  For me, I call it Purusha. Essence. Christ. The Christbody.  Purushotama Sat-chit-ananda. Yes, every attribute and every name given to him is what he also is for me. My heart beats with all these attributes and all these names of God that I know, in all traditions. Life and creation are such a miracle and so multifaceted and multidimensional. Regarding all this universal higher knowledge and understanding, I myself focus best on it as His/Her Unity and Oneness.


Speaking and writing about you Babaji makes me drunk, crazy and boundary-less.  Can’t you stop it?   Aren’t you exaggerating now?


As Jalaludin Rumi sings:

“All I hear is the Call of the Beloved.

All I feel is the Touch of the Beloved.

All I See is the Face of the Beloved. “

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