by Atmaram (Greece), Patsy and Charlotte (UK)

By Atmaram from Greece   Atmaram

Haidakhan Bhole Baba gave us His blessings. He gave us His protection (Abhaya Dhan). He gave us a paradise (Haidakhan Viswa Mahadham) where one month of practice is equivalent to many years of practice in the world.

His name which dispels the darkness inside us. He gave us the promise that He is responsible for our liberation. What more do we need to be liberated from ego? A bit of faith and much work!   He is my Father, my Mother, my Protector and my Saviour. Babaji is within and without, He is everywhere, He dwells always in my heart, Babaji & I are one.   I don´t want even to think how my life would be without Bhole Baba. Glory, glory to Bhole Baba whose Love is infinite, whose light dispels our ignorance and takes us from darkness to light.


by Patsy (UK)Patsy  

“Who or What is Babaji to Me ?
Well, that’s the 64,000 Dollar question !


I walk around my flat reminiscing about some of the extraordinary experiences I had when He was in His body; then I find myself asking  Him to help me not only write Christmas cards, but pay for them as well! When someone I know is sick I always go to Baba for help, but don’t expect that person to get well if it’s not in their karma. As I grow older, things I expected to happen say 20 years ago (if I prayed to Babaji) have changed considerably. It’s not so much a lack of faith, as a deeper understanding of what is and is not possible.  I’ve always believed that as long as a torch is burning in England for Babaji, be it a Herakhan type Ashram, or something simpler, that’s all that matters. The torch is what matters, the burning flame. Nothing else. That flame burns in all His devotees. It gets turned up and flares for a while and then it calms down and cools, but it never goes out.


Charlotte Yonge (UK) Charlotte

I am aware of the pure intent of love, Babaji is one of the names for this, as it manifests in many varied forms universally. This impulse can be hidden in our lives, and then when we look back over our lives, it emerges clear as daylight. All things can be surrendered to it, as it is the source of all things. The way it works in my life is a mystery, but I do know its presence reveals itself to me through several groups with whom I am involved, and I feel privileged. One very moving presence happened to me in Bristol, I don’t know why, but it has guided and protected me in my little ways, to be creative and understand many things, and is always there when I call out.

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