by Mukundi (France), Isaac (USA & Thailand) & Tamayra (Australia)

by Mukundi from France Mukundi

This warm, sustaining and loving presence that I feel around me.

This space of pure love in my heart and mind.

This world of silence and peace superimposed on the mundane agitation.

A deep joy, and an energy that pushes me.

A help and a guide to access what I have always sought to reach,

My flame of life and my reason for living,

Beyond conventions, morals or religious precepts,

A special atmosphere and presence that appears when people of goodwill gather together, putting their ego aside, working and celebrating the Divine.

A fascinating mystery that I strive to study and understand….


Isaac Smith (USA and Thailand)

 Isaac BrighterFor me Babaji is an icon, an image that connotes countless stories, teachings, principles and experiences. But he is also the anti-icon in many ways – a stand-in for the absence of ego and an often friendly reminder to prostrate to selflessness. Not having met the guy, it is hard to get past this essential sketch of Babaji. He’s certainly not the only one to have taught these things. But unlike the careers of Jesus or Muhammad, etc., there are colour photos of my half naked father standing sunburnt next to Babaji. So my feelings for him are a bit more visceral than with most of the great spiritual teachers.


Tamayra – from Sydney, AustraliaTamayra 
Babaji is so part of me that there is no separation and so I think of him as my inner beloved, my inner partner. I cannot project him out because he is not outside but on the inside, an intrinsic part of me, part of my everyday life. I therefore see no point in doing rituals to try and get high !

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