by Martin (Australia), Jelena (Serbia), Donna (UK) & Paramananda (Poland)


By Martin Hodgson (Australia) martin

A perspective on Babaji in the family: For me a family, whether it’s your blood family or the greater Babaji family, is like a soccer team.

In a soccer team the challenge is to all play together, to the best of each person’s ability, for the common good of all.   The key player is the goal keeper and when the team has total trust in the goal keeper the team plays with more confidence and is more united.   So what is the goal keeper’s role? They are the last line of defence, they keep disaster at arm’s length, and they are the protector who allows the team to fulfil their individual roles representing the team. But the goalkeeper can’t do the job of the other individual players; each one must do their duty to their utmost but they can do it knowing that each time they play, the goalkeeper is there at the back protecting them. Babaji is my goalkeeper.


Jelena - 16KBBy Jelena, Serbia:

I saw Babaji in photos and read what people who met him wrote about him. So I have experienced Babaji through these stories, and I started to feel happy about him coming back to us again.

One night in a dream Babaji approached me with a group of young people; he looked very serious, like pure consciousness. His energy started to flow through me which made my body shake from that power. He said: “I will come again when you die”. I woke up in shock and realised how superficial and emotional this wish is, and how far away I am from True Pureness, Simplicity and Love.


By Donna (UK) 

It seems that Babaji has many faces for me or roles to play, even when I am not aware he is there orchestrating events, sometimes shadow, sometimes light. One image is of a joyful friend, he is the one who smiles and offers encouragement. Then there is the tester and teacher who forges my spirit in the fire of experience, the protector and guardian with constant mantra, the supporter with wisdom and love. Through meditation Babaji was instrumental in bringing my husband and me together and later our cherished daughter arrived for which we are so blessed and thankful.


By Paramanand (Poland)

Lately Babaji acts more as my Manager. Every day a meeting for five minutes helps me find the right line of action. I was dissatisfied by the poor abilities of my manager on the job and had to put the problem at Babaji’s feet. It helped a lot to get edgy solutions on controversial issues.  Also it helps me to get the right behavior towards the right persons. If all companies would have Babaji as their manager, there would be much less waste. Most of the people talk too much, do too much, but not the right things. Five minutes every day with the manager of the universe with your tiny little and big matters, makes a world of difference.








Shri Munirajji Maharaj

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