by Gomati Gilchrist (New Zealand)


Bhole Baba is my best friend, my spiritual mentor, protector and my dearest love. He has always been and will be. In my life Baba is always there smiling and laughing, no matter how much of a fool I can be in attempting to live this life, or how deeply into slumber I choose to fall… I know I can always ask for and rely on His support and protection.

It is clear there are few humans in this world that could fill this role in one’s personal life. I am eternally grateful for this highest gift and boon: having Babaji’s constant presence by my side in this way. Worship of Babaji as Shiva Maha Avatar can be formalised into rituals and pujas, images and teachings, centres and ashrams, all of which assist our humanness to remain connected with Him and with each other, but I feel He has no need for these forms in order to reach us. They are for our benefit , not His.


I have realised from direct experience that he lives within me, as close as ever, in my every breath, every second, regardless of the outer forms I look to for His presence. The forms and practices that bring us closer to Him and bring us closer together as devotees are very precious indeed; but they are not what make a devotional life real. Now that Baba is no longer in a physical body where we have easy human contact with Him, His ongoing presence in spirit is drawing us all upward on the spiral of spiritual evolution, to truly let go and simply live in divine oneness, from our own true sense of authentic spiritual authority. He is teaching us how to live with Him in our own form, without His physical form manifest. The more I surrender to this reality, the more I know that the inner yoga of devotion is all I need.   Through this tantra, He becomes me and lives through me, in every step I take in this world, no matter where I am, what I do, or who I am with. In this way His energy can instantly transmit to other people, heart to heart, without the barriers of religion and doctrine that an established spiritual path can sometimes impose on others.


It is my intention to continue living into and manifesting these understandings in physical form, on 33 hectares of majestic and abundant land tucked away in the temperate climes of far north New Zealand. Here it is possible to live a healthier life, closer to nature and thus closer to God ~ Mother Earth and Father Sky. It is a place to live simply, care for the land and co-create sacred space with love. A place where diverse types of people can quietly retreat to share in Baba’s blessing, to experience fire ceremony, to contribute to community, to find inner healing and to nurture a deeper divine connection; without feeling they are entering a religiously righteous zone. Soon I know I will be sharing this place in the same spirit with other souls; all smiling with Baba alive in our hearts.

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