by Elisabeth (Germany)

Elizabeth_GermanyDuring Navaratri (1991) in Chilianaula I received a big “Haidakhandeshwari” murti for our temple in Berlin. Over the years we received several murtis and in April 2012 Munirajji inaugurated the fifth murti.

Since then (1991) the service of these murtis has become part of my daily life. Aarti and pujas at a specific time on a daily basis are also part of this karma yoga. I learned a lot about attentiveness, discipline, and releasing my thoughts, wishes and even desires.   Ever since I met Babaji, 34 years ago, the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” impacted on me every day of my life!


Over the years I have felt that through this “temple work” (sadhana) I am deeply connected to the Divine, i.e. with Babaji. The energy in the temple became more refined and so much stronger. During the day I make a conscious effort to transform and implement the many inner impulses I become aware of in my day-to-day-life.  More and more I perceived Babaji’s guidance through the inspirations and impulses. During our weekly aarti singing and at our monthly havan with all friends, I feel Babaji’s Presence, His Guidance, and His Blessings so very strongly ! A number of times, especially during the winter, we were surprised by the presence of a butterfly that appeared ‘out of nowhere’ and we took this as a special present and sign from Babaji for our group. A long time ago I realised that the “Birth of the DIVINE” must happen within.

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