By Chandani (Portugal), Rob (England), Roxy and Rai Dass (Bulgaria)


Chandani photo copyChandani, Haidiyakhandi (Portugal)   

For me Shri Shri Babaji is GOD, Lord Shiva in human form.   As a Silent Watcher, taking a body from time to time upon His Will, He is eternally guiding mankind, protecting, teaching and uplifting everyone of us, whether we are conscious about that or not.

I am not ashamed to say that He is ALL for me: Mahadev, Mahaguru, Father, Mother, Brother, Friend… He is unfathomable, and all our conceptions are far beyond what He really might be. He is much more than a Guru, since he is The Lord Himself. We can not know Him through the mind but only through a pure heart. I feel that Haidakhan Babaji Mahavatar has been guiding me for many lifetimes. I can never be grateful enough for all He has been doing for me.  He is pure Divine Love and Compassion. He is THE LIGHT of Lights, THE GURU of Gurus, THE KING of Kings.  The only reason of my life is to worship Him and to serve Him.


ROB Amsterdam 2015by Rob – Ramachandra (England)

For me, Babaji is Teacher and Master

O Haidakhan vale, Sadguru hai nam tera 

– You are the supreme Guru.

He is also in my heart. He is represented in me every time I open my heart. Then he exists beyond me, blossoming as compassion throughout the universe. That alone is Love and there is no other reality in existence.


Roxi and Rai Dass (Bulgaria) Raidass

What Babaji means to us: Babaji to us is in the face of every visitor, in every small act of kindness, in every word of daily kirtan.

He is what can be felt between the words of satsang, in the simple joys of karma yoga and the loving exchanges between all who come here. He is pure love, pure simplicity, and pure truth. We are sure his wish wasn’t for us to blindly worship him as the One and Only, but to find the Divinity within us, and assist others in finding theirs.    It is clear to us, through the interactions with people who come here, especially the younger generations, that people nowadays are more cautious with regards to religion: they don’t want always, or immediately, to attach a form to the feeling they experience within.  Babaji said, ‘I am your own self’, and he meant it for each of us. He is in all beings, so we should start treating each other with the same love, reverence and respect we would offer to Baba himself.

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