The Haidakhandi Healing Circle

The Haidakhandi Healing Circle is a group of people who join together to serve by offering daily prayers, meditation, chanting, Jharra, Japa, Sound Healing, or any other practice of Light, for the peace and welfare of our planet, and for the healing of people who make requests for themselves and/or for others. (If you are making a request on behalf of someone else please first obtain their permission). The main purpose is the service to others, which means service to God, as Shri Babaji (Haidakhan Baba) said.


Some people may prefer to pray, while others feel better chanting or doing other practices.   While initiated by devotees of Shri Babaji, all people around the world are warmly invited and welcome to join the group.   Unless otherwise specified, the requests will stay private and will be only communicated to the members of the Haidakhandi Healing Circle. It’s easier if the person gives the name, location and a brief description of the situation. The request will only be removed when the person involved feels it’s the right moment.


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