Service to Humanity

by Vijay Bhatiani


Amongst the religions practiced in this world there is one thing on which they all agree and that is service to humanity. A compassionate heart is the source of this service. Lord Buddha said; “If you want to serve me, nurse the poor and sick”. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita explains the law of karma: there is a universal accounting system in which each individual experiences the consequences of all his actions (Karmas). Good actions bring good results and bad actions inevitably result in suffering to the one who acts so. The consequences of the actions need not necessarily be experienced in present life, but can carry over to future lives. The Karmas are classified in three categories-

  1. Sanchita Karmas: the store of Karmic debts accumulated from previous births. The subconscious of a man is a warehouse of good and bad Karmas.
  2. Prabadha Karmas: That part of Sanchita Karmas which must be worked out in the present life. Because the law of Karma implies determinism in human activities, Prabadha is often translated as destiny.
  3. Agami Karma: New Karma accumulated in present life time which is carried forward into future life.  Other religions which do not believe in the idea of rebirth, do promise a birth in heaven or hell as a result of good or evil deeds.


Babaji and a devotee were travelling by car and were passing through a large hospital in Mumbai. The devotee told Babaji that he had donated a room in that hospital. To further stress his point he said his name plate carved in stone is fixed in front of the room. Babaji said: ”You should not have put up the stone plate with your name, by this action the reward of this Karma will not go through to your future birth, but will remain stuck to your name only”. That is why we say in India and the West that if you give a donation by your right hand your left should not know about it. Ramana Maharishi said: “You must love all and help all since only in this way you can help yourself. When you seek to reduce the suffering of any fellow man or fellow creature, whether your efforts succeed or not, you are yourself evolving spiritually, especially if such service is rendered disinterestedly and not with the egoistic feeling of: ‘I am doing this’. Instead do it in the spirit that ‘God is making me the channel of this service, he is the doer and I am the instrument’. The truth is that all one gives to others is giving only to Oneself. Since everyone is one’s own Self, whoever does whatever to whosoever is doing it only to himself.”


Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital at Chiliyanoula is one such place where service to humanity is done sincerely. Here we provide free treatments of eye, dental, ENT and cataract surgeries for the needy and poor of this region. By donating here you are benefitting your own Self.

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