On Service to Others

 by Bashudha from Russia  


The first time I knew about this was when I met Munirajji. Before then I knew nothing about Service because my ego was very, very big. And when I met him in 2006 it was a very special time for me, I saw him in Haldwani. I also remember my first chandan, and I cried for 24 hours in Chilianaula. After that Muniraji gave me some teachings about service.  So my special communication with Babaji and Muniraji helped me understand about the first meaning of service, which was service to my mother. Before this I hadn’t known much about my parents, I knew them as my physical parents, but not from a spiritual perspective. Now I serve my mamma as if she is a goddess.


My mother met Munirajji when the Gurupurnima celebration happened in Moscow, and he told me to bring my mamma to Herakhan. So later I brought her to Herakhan. But it was very difficult for me because I had some process within myself and also at the time I had to serve my mamma and Munirajji. I had to concentrate on him internally and at the same time serve my mother. And it was very difficult for me, but he gave so much love to me and to my mamma. After that things changed in my life: I divorced, I lost my job, and I had some problems socially. I don’t know how to explain it but my life has changed and now I serve mamma, people, my neighbour, everyone, and now it’s very easy for me.   For instance before this change if someone asked me for help, my first reaction was: “No, no it’s not possible, for me it is not good.” Because, as I say my ego was very, very big. It is all a question of ego I think.


Q: Do you mean it’s about becoming more humble ?


A: Yes, yes. When my ego came down, and more down, then my heart opened and I began to speak with people, I help people now. It’s so easy, it’s my life now. It’s like now that I am speaking with you, we talk together, I share with you, and you open my heart now, you give me something. Do you understand me? This is service; it is not like giving money or something.


Trishna from Switzerland gave me the best teaching about this. During the Kumbha Mela in Hardwar I came to the Maharaj Ashram there and one woman, Indra, was ill. She had diarrhoea but I didn’t know her, I had just met her. Trishna said to me: “Bashudha, tomorrow I have to go back to Switzerland, now you serve Indra, wash her clothes, and stay in the hospital.” Trishna had been serving her up until then. I said: “Hum, it´s very difficult because she has diarrhoea. Wow, how can I do it ?” My ego was reacting, but then I saw that for Trishna it was like normal work, like cooking, it was not unusual. I saw it then as so nice, so beautiful: this is Trishna serving like a goddess. She didn’t ask people to help her, she just she did by herself. Only now she had to return home, so she asked me to take over. This is the best.




“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.

Don’t wait for good things to happen to you.    

If you go out and make some good things happen,

You will fill the world with hope. You will fill yourself with hope.”


Barack Obama




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