Karma Yoga helps me to open my heart

by Batchuli, Germany


Starting proper karma yoga has taken me years to bring to real manifestation. I first heard about service to humanity, but years passed before I started to help around the dhuni and serve in the chai shops during festivals in Rieferath and Switzerland. It became clear to me that doing karma yoga would be regular and hard work, but I only had weekends free from my normal work, so then I began to spend all my free time in spiritual centres doing karma yoga or financially supporting activities there.  I do karma yoga in spiritual centres because I need to open my heart while doing service. While I do my normal work I cannot feel and open myself, it’s as if I‘m not completely present and I feel like I am always running. In such a rush I can’t grow because there is no spiritual dimension: the business world is working for private interest and not for God.


Puja in the temple is service to God and yet serving in the chai shop is serving people. Despite my realisation that there is God in everyone, it is still different giving service in the temple compared to service in the chai shop. Outside the ashram I also teach yoga, where I charge very little donation money. I also give yoga lessons to women with overweight problems. After my daily work in my office I feel tired, but giving yoga lessons always opens my heart.


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