How can we express this shared Service ?

by Loknath, USA

For years I have loved the song ‘The Earth is our Mother’. The Earth holds us, gives us life and sustains all beings. I was lucky with my own mother who kept the same house for our family for over sixty years. So it has worked for me that our shared service, our being a part of something bigger than ourselves, was serving ‘mother earth’. Deep inside, could any of us imagine that our planet could become inhospitable to human life? But now it occurs to me, along with others, that using ‘mother earth’ may give us a false and dangerous sense of security. Do we lull ourselves into thinking that the ecosystems of our earth-home, that have sustained us for so many centuries, will magically right themselves? Now as the oceans acidify, rise and threaten coastal living around the planet, and now as rain forests disappear, is it magical thinking that Mother Earth will not betray us? Or would we be better off thinking about our globe as our child and that our shared service to life is actually child care? Is ‘child care’ closer to what serving Ashrams and living in Truth Simplicity and Love is all about? Earth is 4.5 billion years old and so, compared with the universe, a galactic baby. If we act like responsible parents, can we in the Babaji family be among those who address ways to safeguard Baby Earth’s future? Can we see ourselves as serving together for that common good ?


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