Dancing in Japan

by Yuka 


I am a dancer, I create my dance and then I express my dance in public: I dance with children, including handicapped children and other people. The children and others need to dance. I feel like this because, how to say, children in Japanese society don´t have much opportunity to express themselves. It’s very important for children to express themselves and they listen to how other people communicate in their childhood. But now in Japan, parents are very busy and children’s needs of communication are not so respected. So through dance children find out how to express all their feelings and that´s so also for adults. It helps with people’s expression of their opinions too. Japan now has a very large population. Everyone is stressed and they need help.


We have many children’s nurseries in Japan and the workers are very dedicated and so I feel that dancing there is a good opportunity for smooth communication and they have a lot of joy and fun. This even applies to people in wheelchairs. Handicapped children want to express their emotions: I help them to do this but they are often very shy. It takes time, but every time I do this they change for the better. This is also society. People love to laugh and see others laughing and not be serious all the time. We need more emotional expression of ourselves, more communication, grown-up love, a need to feel love, and dance is love. So, for me, I’m a dancer. I love to dance and communicate with my society, be it nurseries, kindergarten, school, handicapped children, adults, anywhere. It’s like a window growing inside.  Real fresh wind, yes.

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