“Be happy, that’s all”

by Jaman Singh, Switzerland


The most important practical way to serve humanity is to be happy, to show happiness and help other people to be happy too. I remember a Swiss lady in Haidakhan, before she left to return to Switzerland, asking Babaji what can she do for him when she is back home. Babaji replied: “Be happy !” She said: “Yes, yes, but beside this, what can I do there for You?” He smiled and said again: “Be happy, that’s all”.  When people are happy they radiate happiness and this affects people around them. It’s so simple, but very effective. This incorporates the teaching of Babaji to live in truth, simplicity and love. But I do not talk about Babaji without being asked. I just show my joy and happiness. Then people start to ask me. Happiness is like a wave.  People start to feel this energy and they start to imitate.

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